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Custom Software Development

What do we do here at Vintage Software? Well, we don't sell  Pong or Atari games or Windows 3.1.  Let me explain a little bit about where the name Vintage Software came from.  Our company was originally called EstateSales.NET.  We created that site back in 2002 to help serve a need.  We still run that site to this day and handle all the customer support ourselves.  As time went on, we saw a similar need related to Antique Malls.  Once we decided that we would work on other sites besides EstateSales.NET, we needed to come up with a new name that would encompass all our sites and suggest what we do. 

We thought the name Vintage Software fit well for this because we like "old" stuff and we build sites related to "old" stuff.  So there you have it.