Vintage Software is pleased to announce new internship opportunities for Summer 2015. Are you up for it?

WHO are we looking for?

The candidate must have a solid fundamental understanding of computer science and programming, but not necessarily in the technologies and languages that we use. Our interview process has a strong emphasis on mathematical and programming skills. Typically we only take on juniors, seniors, and recent grads but we have made exceptions before if the person really knows his or her stuff.

WHAT is it?

Vintage is a great place to work. We are run by geeks and strive to create the best products with the latest technologies. Our paid internship program is a little unconventional. It's really an 8 week training course.

At Vintage Software, our main focus is on creating enterprise, large scale websites. We have a team of programmers all specializing in every area of software development from design, front end, back end, database, testing, and everything in between. As an intern you will undergo a personalized training course and work side by side with our senior developers to cover all of these topics and more. We are basically trying to cram twelve months of experience into an intense eight week training session. If you successfully complete this program, then you should be ready for an entry level job in software development. And we hope you are because we have full-time, permanent positions ready to fill for any intern that can impress us.

WHEN is it?

Throughout February and into March we will be attending several career fairs sponsored by universities in the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri area and spreading the word about our internship (McKendree University, SLU, SEMO, Columbia College, and SIUE to name a few). We will begin interviewing for the position on March 16th and will announce our decisions by April 13th. The internship will start on June 1st and will last for 8 weeks. Interns will be compensated $10 per hour and will work 40 hours per week.

WHERE is it?

Interns can apply for one of two locations: Our main head quarters in Jackson, MO or our satellite office in St. Louis, MO.

WHY are we having an internship?

Vintage Software has grown a lot over the last decade. We have so many ideas that we want to try, but not enough developers to implement them. We have found that providing this internship is a great way to find talented, smart, and hard-working individuals that we can bring to our team permanently. At the same time we hope that the training course we provide will open the doors for people wanting to get into the field of software development. If you successfully complete this internship, you should be ready for an entry level position as a software developer.

HOW do I apply?

We have a two round interview process for accepting interns. The first interview is over the phone and for the second we’ll meet face to face. We will begin interviewing on March 16th, 2015. To schedule an interview send an e-mail to along with the following info:

  • [Your Name, Internship] in the subject line
  • Resume [Including school information + GPA]
  • An example program or site you have created


Below are some of the concepts that could be covered in the interview. With that said, we don't expect the candidate to know all of these topics, but the more, the better:

  • Analysis of algorithms - Big O notation
  • Basic database principles
  • Basic Object Oriented principles
  • Basic programming skills
  • Binary number system / Bit manipulation
  • Critical thinking problems / riddles
  • DataStructures (arrays, strings, linked lists, stacks, queues, graphs)
  • HTML / CSS
  • Programming Languages
  • Recursion
  • Sorting and searching
  • SQL
  • Threading


Please feel free to contact Steve Haar at with any questions.