We are pleased to announce the availability of a new internship opportunity for Fall 2014.  Are you up for it?  Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Strong Problem Solving Skills
  • Intelligence
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Web Skills (HTML experience)
  • Plays Well With Others
  • Willing to be taught
  • Communication Skills

Vintage is a great place to work. You’ll get to contribute to projects that are seen by hundreds of thousands of people on a monthly basis. You’ll be exposed to the full software process (design, coding, testing, etc).

What’s the Pay?
We pay $10 an hour. It is also possible you’ll be offered a full time job after the internship (that pays more than 10 bucks an hour). Prove yourself to be a smart, friendly, hard worker and you’ll be a shoo-in with a foot in the door.

Send an e-mail to jobs@VintageSoftware.com and send the following info:

  • [Your Name, Internship] in the Subject line
  • Resume [Including school information + GPA]
  • Favorite Programming Class
  • An example program or site you have created
  • Favorite Programming Language