It's Finished! Well, almost.  In true McQuade fashion, there are a few small things that probably won't get finished.  It isn't a true project if you don't leave something undone at the end right?

We moved into an old building in downtown Jackson, MO that was built in 1908.  We have to stick with the Vintage theme, so nothing new is allowed!  Here's a picture of the outside of the building.


We removed some paint off the exposed brick in the back two offices (what a mess) and did some other various "sprucing up."  I think it turned out nice.  Here's a picture of Nate in his office:

And here's a picture of me (Micky) in my office.  Jared is off this week, so we'll have to get a picture of him later.  :)


By the way, a big thanks goes to my dad (Dan McQuade) and Nate for all the hard work on the building.  It would not have turned out so nice without you all.