Custom Software

Our Web Sites

In addition to custom software development, we own several web sites that we have developed in-house.  Here is a brief rundown of the different projects that we've worked on over the last few years. 


A site for the estate sale enthusiast.  This is a site that we manage.  All programming and database work is done by us as well as all the customer support.  We aren't designers, so the graphic design of the site is always done by a competent designer.  This was our first site and it remains a very important part of our company.  You can read about how EstateSales.NET started.


If you are planning an upcoming trip, check out the trip planner on AntiqueMalls.com. We had a lot of fun developing it and have used it personally many times. This was one of the first sites we did using a "responsive" design so that it shows up nicely on phones and tablets as well.